Shibu Kumer Shill

How do we understand a art of cover design?

I do not trust that cover pattern is an eccentric art. The cover represents a content inside. However, while we design, we try to say a semi-abstract form, which, that has a possess character, though also represents a book as a whole.


Throughout a years, what has been your biggest plea in this sold art-form?

The whole judgment of book-launch in a Ekushe Boi Mela is a biggest crisis. Throughout a rest of a year, there is not adequate work. As a result, a artist, who designs about 500 covers in a month of February, stays impoverished otherwise. Such artists should get work on a unchanging basis.


What could be a probable resolution to it?

Publications should run via a year. The book satisfactory should be a place for a appreciation of literature. If writers and publishers can decentralise a system, a attention would benifit greatly. By a beauty of amicable media, it should not be too tough to strech a audience.


What is your take on a writer- publisher- engineer attribute as of now?

We tumble brief of progressing a healthy operative relation. For example, mostly a author would put adult a cover pattern online, and ask for open voting though a artist’s permission. Imagine if a artist has put adult a content and asked if it was good adequate to design? It is not a box for all, though many writers foreordain a pattern to a artist. We really need to honour any other more.


Who are your favorite artists in cover design?

I am always captivated to book by Penguin or Verso publications. we venerate with works of Krishnendu Chaki. My favourite artists in a nation embody Biren Shome, Kazi Ahsan Habib, Qayum Chowdhury, Samar Majumder and Dhruba Esh. Among a contemporary artists, we conclude a work of Sabyasachi Mistry and Razib Datta.


Do we have any suggestions for newcomers?

Give no possibility to mediocrity. Choose your content delicately and deposit in it since if a content stays alive, so will a design.

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