Portrait of a Cover Artist: Shohag Parvez

Primarily a seasoned painter, Shohag Parvez is also a obvious cover artist, who has finished tighten to a hundred illustrations this year for a Ekushey Boi Mela. The artist, whose subjects contain of inlet and tellurian beings, claims that a book satisfactory is a ideal middle to strech a masses with scholastic art. “I do cover art as a hobby, yet there is no denying a perfect apportion of people that a Ekushey Book Fair brings in. It is good bearing for us artists.”

 Shohag, who has finished a cover art for some-more than 3000 books in his career, is severely desirous by a likes of Hashem Khan and Rafiqun Nabi. “When we was in a 6th grade, my teacher, Mir Zahid, speedy me to try my palm in art,” says a artist, “I am also severely gladdened to Hashem Khan for being my coach for some-more than a decade.” Shohag went on to finish his Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) from a Faculty of Fine Art, University of Dhaka. The covers Shohag has designed for this year’s book satisfactory embody Ek Raater Raajkumar by Sufia Begum, Operation Rescue by Nasir Ahmed Kabul and Raisona O Motupatlur Chora by Asim Saha. 

Even yet a artist has been bustling with cover art work for a book satisfactory given as early as August, he hopes to extent a volume of work he does any year. “In general markets, there are totally apart industries for illustrators, cover artists and painters. That is not a box in Bangladesh,” he says. ” Since we do this out of hobby, we would like to combine some-more on my art in a entrance years.”

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