PM Hasina urges BNP to join parliament for democracy

“The BNP should come to parliament for the sake of democracy, if they want,” Hasina said in her introductory speech at a joint meeting of the Awami League Advisory Council and Executive Committee in Dhaka on Saturday.

In the Dec 30 election, the Awami League bagged 257 seats, its key ally Jatiya Party won 22, and the opposition alliance led by the BNP eight.

The Jatiya Oikya Front rejected the election results and demanded the re-election accusing the government of rigging the vote.

Hasina, also the president of Awami League, called upon the BNP leaders to uphold democratic practices.

“The BNP lost the election. It is their failure. They should blame themselves for this,” she said.

“If a political party does not have any leadership, if there is nobody to lead it, how can that political party think of winning the election?”

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