Humayun Faridee’s seventh genocide anniversary today

On a initial day of Falgun 7 years ago, a universe mislaid Humayun Faridee, one of a many distinguished actors of Bangladesh. Faridee was one of a many successful artistes of a nation, who perplexed a assembly for over dual decades with his absolute and versatile performances in theatre, radio and films. The iconic artiste, who won a National Film Award in 2004, was posthumously awarded with a Ekushey Padak in 2018.

Although he entered a University of Dhaka to investigate Organic Chemistry in 1970, his preparation was halted due to a Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971. Later, he went to Jahangirnagar University to investigate Economics and during his time there, he became a tighten associate of Natyacharya Selim Al Deen.

Faridee was one of a principal organisers of a play festival of Jahangirnagar University in 1976. He serve became a member of Dhaka Theatre during his tyro life in a university. He after acted in and destined many conspicuous tele-fictions as well. 

On a other hand, Faridee worked in films alongside his entertainment and radio career, winning a hearts of millions with his conspicuous performances. He won a National Film Award in a best actor difficulty for his purpose in a film, Matritto.

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