Bangladesh’s bonds behind to a red

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Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN)– Bangladesh’s bonds slipped behind to a red on Sunday as risk-averse investors went on offered binge on large-cap shares.

Analysts pronounced bonds fell as investors opted for engagement distinction on bonds that saw pointy benefit in new cost upsurge.

The marketplace started on certain note in a morning though could not means a trend as a event progressed amid offered vigour on large-cap shares.

At a finish of a session, DSEX, a primary index of a Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), staid during 5,763, losing 48.18 points or 0.82 percent over a prior day.

Two other indices also finished lower. The DS30 index, comprising blue chips, fell 1.41 points to finish during 2,024.

The DSES (Shariah) index also mislaid 3.12 points to settle during 1,320.

Turnover, another critical indicator of a market, stood during BDT 8.12 billion opposite BDT 7.72 billion in a prior day.

The losers took a clever lead over a gainers, as out of 348 issues traded, 247 sealed lower, 72 finished aloft and 29 remained unvaried on a DSE trade floor.

United Power surfaced a day’s turnover draft with 1.62 million shares value BDT 665 million changing hands, closely followed by Monno Ceramic, Fortune Shoes, Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company and Legacy Footwear.

The pier city bourse Chittagong Stock Exchange also sealed reduce with a CSE All Share Price Index – CASPI – losing 205 points to settle during 17,575 while a Selective Categories Index – CSCX –shedding 125 points to finish during 10,632.

Here too, a losers kick a gainers as 189 issues finished lower, 66 aloft and 22 remained unchanged.

The pier city bourse traded 8.23 million shares and mutual account units value some-more than BDT 266 million in turnover.


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